F1 2013 Jerez test - Red Bull 2
After weeks in limbo, pacified by something called the festive season, GPFocus returns with a new double-part podcast just as pre-season roars back into life.

Yes no sooner had cars been launched it was time for drivers to finally get behind the wheel and sample their 2013 challengers in anger – deep in the sherry producing south of Spain.

Of course in many ways this year’s cars are merely evolutions of last, with the sport entering the final year of the current regulations and serious changes looming large for 2014.

Nevertheless, that’s not to say that teams have not been hard at work in producing their latest carnations or that this season will be boring – with the stability of the regulations likely to keep the racing close and as unpredictable as ever.

In Part 1 Talking about F1’s Graham Keilloh, Marshall Gp’s Gary Marshall, Alan Feekery and Traditional Jonny Rockliff give their initial views on Red Bull through to Mercedes and ask if the front runners gave any indication of their true pace last week.

Music thanks to Callum Barton.

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