About GPFocus

About GPFocus

Formed at the start of the 2011 season, GPFocus aims to bring together Formula One fans, from all walks of life, to discuss the latest issues dominating the world’s fastest sport.
With forefront views from a number of regular and guest contributors, GPFocus hopes to create an appealing alternative for fans and aims to foster debate, instead of merely taking each news item on face value.

Formula One is often a constant diversifier amongst its fans and it is hoped that this will be demonstrated constructively within our written content.

GPFocus aims to reach out to budding fans who wish to contribute to the main site with an article, artwork or any other form of multimedia. It is in the interests of the site to create the sport’s first journal, complete with argument and counter-argument from contributors. Ultimately it is hoped that this will allow the site to cater for a wide range of fans and build up a large portfolio of information which can be used in future as an adequate resource.

As part of our weekly Podcasts, listeners will be allowed to air their views and interact with panellists, with some even joining the recording in the near future.

In addition, visitors will also get the chance to become a member to our message boards and join our Facebook and Twitter communities.

Thank you for taking the time to visit GPFocus.com and please be patient as me make initial changes to develop the site.

- The GPFocus Team.